License Engine Benefits

License Engine is an easy-to-use software that will prevent thieves from stealing your software. But what makes this licensing system any different than the duds out there? Simple. Well no really. It’s simple – with almost no learning curve, you’ll be up and running in minutes. Not to mention, it’s backed with maximum anti-theft power. We’ve covered all our bases to guarantee the integrity of your software is maintained – and to ensure every hard-earned dollar finds its way into your pocket.

Here’s how License Engine WILL benefit you:

    • Easy-to-Use Interface Has You Up and Running in Minutes

Our simple interface is easy to navigate. Just insert your software and version information, and the software spits out a code snippet to be copy and pasted into your software. It’s newbie-friendly, and expert approved for hassle-free protection.

    • Automatically Delivers License Keys to Customers for Hands-Off Service

After buying your software, customers will receive their license key within their JV Zoo purchase area. This seamless delivery system is proven to decrease customer complaints. Customers can now begin enjoying your software right away, and you don’t have to lift a finger.

    • Diamond-Strength Protection Stops Thieves from Stealing Your Software

Our license control mechanisms stop thieves from giving away free access by limiting the number of installs per key. While we can’t promise thieves won’t try to share your license keys, we can guarantee they’ll look pretty foolish to their shady friends when those shared keys don’t work.

    • Control and Manage All Licenses With Zero Headaches

Our simple dashboard allows you to control and manage all licenses without hassle. License Engine gives you full reports on all license keys. You can see which domains they’re installed on, and the IP addresses. Putting you in the drivers seat to monitor your assets, and stop money from being stolen from you.

    • Automatically Deliver Software Updates to Your Customers

License Engine is equipped with our built-in WordPress Updater Class. Allowing you to send out software updates without a hitch.

    • World Class Support You Can Count On from our Expert Team

We’re on call and ready to help you every step up the way. From set-up questions to usability inquiries, our expert team is dedicated to making your experience with License Engine the best you’ve ever had.

    • Integrates with all Major Affiliate Networks

License Engine is integrates with all major affiliate networks, allowing you to sell your product almost anywhere.

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